Saturday, January 17, 2015

Opportunity - Inspiration from Annie 2014

Opportunity:  a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. (

As teachers, we should be considering whether or not we are providing opportunities for our students every day in our classroom.  Are we providing conditions that are favorable for the attainment of their goals?  Are we teaching them how to find opportunities in unlikely places?  Are we giving them the tools that they need to successfully take advantage of opportunities?  

Or are we missing opportunities to give our students the world because we are too busy?  Have we decided that students don't want to take advantage of opportunities and given up?  Instead of opportunities, are we giving students busy work and meaningless assignments?

My daughter is a huge fan of Annie, and we went to see it last night.  As I watched the movie for the second time, I was so inspired by Quvenzhane Wallis's performance of Opportunity.  Take a minute to watch this part of the movie below...

Wow!  I love that the people that knew her well were so impressed and surprised by her talent and ability.  When given the opportunity, she was able to shine and show the world that she had so much to offer.

How many of our students are in this same situation?  How many of them have gifts that they aren't aware of because they haven't been given the opportunity to explore their dreams?

I couldn't help but think of several of the students in my classroom as I watched this part of the movie.  I thought of the students that aren't great at school...they don't make great grades, they might not always be the well-behaved students...but what are we missing?  What would they do if given the opportunity to put on their best show, to show us what they are capable of on their terms?  I have a feeling most of them wouldn't waste an opportunity to show others that they have dreams, talents, and passions that they would love to pursue.  Instead, they would take that opportunity and surprise us all.

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I want to help my students open the doors to opportunity.  I want them to know and understand that opportunities ARE everywhere and they can change the world!  I want to witness their moment and realize that they are capable of more than I could've ever imagined.  Genius Hour and Innovations has opened doors for many of my students and gives opportunities every day for them to explore their dreams and pursue their passions.

Think about the opportunities that you give your students.   Could you give more opportunities? Do you see your students for what they can do or what they can't do?  These are hard questions and questions I plan on asking myself over the next few days.

Let's start opening doors for our students.  Let's let them have their moment and give them the opportunities that they deserve.  In doing so, we have the chance to play a small role in the lives in children that will grow into amazing adults.


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