Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elementary Student Council

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As most of you know, yesterday was Election Day.  We held our own election at our small elementary school as our students ran for Student Council.  They campaigned for two weeks by hanging posters and preparing their speeches. 

Yesterday was the big day!  I was SO proud of them as they shared their ideas and plans for making our school better.  I was in awe of their ability to stand in front of their peers and express themselves freely. 

After lunch, student after student filed into the polls to cast their ballot.  They filled out Voter Registration Forms and turned in a Voter Registration Card in order to vote.  We used cardboard dividers for the polls and even printed "I Voted" stickers given to students after they did so. 

This is our first year to have a student council so while I know there will be challenges, I also know that it will be exciting and meaningful for our students to experience student government.  I will be updating you guys on how this plays out.  If you have any advice or thoughts, please comment below. 


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