Thursday, July 4, 2019

Book Creator + Wonderopolis = Creating a Book of Wonders

Okay, obviously I'm obsessed with Book Creator right now.  Today I sat down to create a Book of Wonders.

I often recommend Wonderopolis for educators that need something for early finishers or those that have already mastered what is being learned.  I've also suggested that they implement Wonder Wednesdays and give students an opportunity to explore Wonderopolis and learn based on their curiosity. 

If you haven't seen Wonderopolis before, let me introduce you.  I am such a fan of their work and used it in my own classroom almost every single day.  I love that students can learn new vocabulary, practice comprehension, and dive deep into a topic of their choice all on this one platform.

I also think that giving students an opportunity to explore wonders of their choice gives educators an opportunity to see what that student is interested in and what they prefer to learn about.  This is just a great way to get to know your learners.

Creating a Book of Wonders gives your students a place to document their learning from Wonderopolis and gives you an opportunity to see what they are exploring and learning about at a glance.  These books can be shared with family members so that they can ask questions at home as well.

So, what does this look like?  How can you use this in your classroom?  Check out the video tutorial below to learn more.  I hope this helps and is something you can implement immediately into your own classroom.

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