Monday, November 24, 2014

Possibilities = Opportunities

There are some days that it's difficult to believe that things are ever going to change.  I must admit that there are moments that I wonder why I even try.  I wonder if that light at the end of the tunnel is still there.  

But then, I read my Twitter feed, I talk to another passionate educator, I read the blog of some of the people in education that I admire the most.  The moment passes and then I's not about me. It's not about what I can do to change education because I will never be able to change it alone.  It's about us. It's about what we can do to change the classroom experience for our students and we are doing it.  

I came across this quote recently and realized that I spend most of my time complaining about what is wrong with our education system. I rarely take the time to focus on what is right and what is working. 

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While it's easy to focus on what's not working in education today, I wanted to take some time to focus on what is working...  

Genius Hour is giving students an opportunity to explore their passions and learn in new and exciting ways.

Technology is giving students opportunities that they have never had before.

Innovative classrooms are giving students the opportunity to produce, create, and inspire others each and every day.

Student blogs are giving us an opportunity to see our classrooms from our students' point of view.

Mentors are giving students access to the outside world, making it easier for them to explore and learn about their passions and interests.

Digital Citizenship is being taken seriously and in some schools has even become a priority.

Student-centered classrooms are happening...maybe not the norm, but they are happening.

If I look at the big picture, my goal is for today's students is to be given opportunities - opportunities to collaborate, create, inspire, and ultimately, learn.  I'm thankful that I teach at a time that all of these are possible.  More than ever before, students and teachers have access to the world.

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So let's keep doing what others think is impossible.  Let's focus on the possibilities instead of the problems and turn the world of education upside down!


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