Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Genius Hour and The Global Goals

It's easy to allow Genius Hour to become a time for students to create simply for the sake of creating.  And, don't hear me saying that's a bad thing.  However, I do believe that it's important to move toward asking our learners to design projects that will create change or provide solutions for real problems. 

Below are some practical ways to help students understand what they can do to create change through the projects that they design...

1)  Introduce learners to The Global Goals.  This is a wonderful resource that helps learners see the bigger picture.

Image Credit:  United Nations

2)  Use the Design for Change: One Idea: One Week Experience from World's Largest Lesson to inspire action and give students a springboard for bigger ideas.

3)  Give learners an opportunity to dive deeper into their ideas by using the Youth Changing the World Toolkit.  This resource gives students the tools that they need to design a project that will impact their school, community, or maybe even the world.

After these things have been shared and introduced, it's time to get out of their way and let them go for it.  Help them find outside experts, find ways to weave learning into the projects that they are designing, and listen when they have ideas or struggles.

Focusing on The Global Goals will help this generation understand the potential that is there for them to drive and create real change.  It will remind them that they can make a difference and can learn by doing so.  So, let's take Genius Hour to next level.  Instead of just creating projects to share with parents or even on social media, let's encourage them to be problem-solvers, innovative thinkers, and drivers of change.  In other words, let's let them be who they are meant to be!


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