Sunday, November 11, 2018

6 Ps of Genius Hour Online Course

So much has happened since developing and sharing and the 6 Ps of Genius Hour.  I have been so blessed to be able to write about the process, share my experiences all over the country, and connect with amazing educators that are wanting something different for their own classrooms. 

As I really spent some time focusing on what's next and how I best wanted to continue to share what I believe to be a process that helps educators make passion-based learning a reality in any classroom, I thought about what I loved about what I do.  It's the connections that I love the most.  I love hearing from educators that are making Genius Hour a priority in their own classrooms and sharing with others.  I love talking to teachers that are frustrated and so hungry for change that they are willing to take a risk and do something different.  The stories, the relationships, and the realization that we really are better together has been such a driving force for me. 

I wanted to be able to share the 6 Ps of Genius Hour with more people.  I wanted to be able to share in a way that still gave me an opportunity to connect and create relationships but I also know how difficult it is to get out of the classroom and make time for professional development.  And while, there's no doubt about it, I love sharing with educators in person, I love online learning as well.  I love being able to learn in my bed in my pajamas whenever I want.  I like being able to move at my own pace and learn on my terms.  Because I enjoy these things, I'm assuming that there are many others that feel the same way.  And because of this, I decided to create the 6 Ps of Genius Hour Online Course on Teachable

This course is my answer to those that don't want to sit through 6 hours of training and that need to be able to learn on their time on their terms.  I've done the best that I can to create a learning experience that will not only engage but empower educators to make passion-based learning a reality in their classrooms. 

So, what does it look like and how is it different from any other PD that you might have experienced? First, I've created learning experiences that are comprised of three critical pieces.  These are the same critical pieces that I think should be used in the classroom to create meaningful learning experiences for our students. 

1.  Engage - This piece of the experience is designed to catch your attention and help you understand why the information is important.

2.  Experience - This piece will give you an opportunity to apply the learning in order to connect with what is being shared.

3.  Empower - This final piece challenges you to do something with what was learned in your own classroom. 

Second, I've included specific ways throughout the course to connect with the Genius Hour community as we embark on this journey together. I hope to begin to see each other as sounding boards, classmates, and friends as we learn and grow. 

The course includes the following and can be done at your own pace...

  • 10 modules addressing the 6 Ps of Genius Hour and MORE
  • 20+ videos with practical advice and ideas 
  • Learning opportunities designed to engage, provide an experience, and empower
  • Screen-recordings of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to make the process manageable
  • Access to the Genius Hour Flipgrid created for those enrolled in the course to collaborate and share
  • Access to the 6 Ps of Genius Hour Facebook Group for ongoing connectivity
  • Downloadable resources for classroom use
  • Certificate of Completion
I believe that every student deserves an opportunity to pursue their passions during the school day.  I believe that we can teach the standards through Genius Hour while giving our learners opportunities to apply and practice life-ready skills.  It's because I believe these things and my own classroom experience that I want to share this process and my experience with anyone and everyone that will listen.

I really tried to create this course for every educator.  And, by every educator,  I mean those that love every minute of what you do and those that are in desperate need of something different.  I say that because I've been in both of your shoes.  But, I can tell you that when I gave my students opportunities to learn by pursuing their passions, I found my passion as an educator.  I realized what I thought would keep me from teaching the standards actually gave them opportunities to make real connections and reach a deep level of understanding that was never going to come from worksheets.

So, I created this course in an effort to share with others what I believe changed everything for me as an educator.  If you have any questions, need more details, or you are are looking for something different like the FREE Genius Hour Book Study or an In-Person PD Learning Experience for your staff or district, contact me anytime!  


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