Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The 6 Ps of Genius Hour + Book Creator

After coming home from ISTE, I was looking through several of my notes and realized that I hadn't spent much time in Book Creator.  Sure, I share it sometimes with educators and talk about how it can be used as a product creation tool for students, but I hadn't considered how it might be used for students to document their experience throughout Genius Hour.

Then, I was tagged in a tweet in which Krystle Bassett shared her ISTE takeaways.  She used Book Creator to share her thoughts and I LOVED it.  I couldn't help but begin to think about how this amazing resource could be used to organize and document the 6 Ps of Genius Hour, so I got to work right away.  

I have to share how easy this was to create.  I simply considered the things that I wanted to include and then created space for those things within my book.  The finished product looked something like this...

Click HERE to see the published book

So, how did I create this and how can you create a Genius Hour Book Template for your learners?  Check out the details below.

1.  Create an account or sign into as a teacher.
2.  Name your library.
3.  Create a new book.
4.  Choose your book shape.
5.  Design your book.
6.  Lock elements into place.
7.  Move book to library that is shared with your students.
8.  Share the library code with your learners.
9.  Instruct learners to make a copy of the book and add their content.

You can also use the Book Creator App and if your learners have iPads, you would simply share the template using AirDrop.  

Summer is the perfect time to begin thinking through what Genius Hour will look like in your classroom.  Creating a system that runs itself will allow you the time to make connections, create relationships, and weave standards and life ready skills into the projects that your students are working on.  

For more information, please visit my Genius Hour Page over on my website.

Consider how you might use this tool in your classroom.  Think beyond Genius Hour and how you might use Book Creator to create templates for other learning experiences.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

You can create one library in Book Creator with 40 books.  In order to create even more books, you can upgrade to 180 books for $60/year or 1000 books for $120/year.  However, in order for each student in a typical classroom to create one book you can get by with the free version to see how you like it and how your students react to using the tool.  

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