Friday, December 12, 2014

Smore - Interactive Flyers for the Classroom

We used Smore this week in my 5th grade GT classroom as a way to share about the structures that we are studying.  Each student chose a structure that they wanted to learn more about and then researched that structure to find information that they wanted to share.

In planning this project, I was looking for a digital tool that would allow students to share their information in poster form.  However, we didn't want to create regular posters because we wanted them to be interactive.  And then I remembered Smore.  It had been a while since I had used this tool in my classroom, but I remembered enough to know that it would be perfect for this assignment.

After each student had completed their research, I explained what I wanted them to include in their flyer.  We talked about the why we were using Smore instead of creating regular posters.  Here are three reasons that using Smore is appropriate for today's classrooms:

1.  Smore flyers are interactive. - Students can add so much information and content to a Smore versus a paper poster.  They are able to add YouTube videos, audio, website links, and more.  In doing so, they are able give their audience an opportunity to learn even more about the information that they are sharing.  

2.  Smore flyers can be shared with the world. - Smore flyers are able to be easily shared on a blog, website, or social media.  Students can share what they have learned with their parents, peers, and anyone else for that matter. 

3.  Smore flyers teach digital design. - Using Smore, students are able to create visually appealing flyers from scratch.  They can change the fonts, backgrounds, and layout of the flyer in any way that they would like.  This gives students an opportunity to explore digital design and learn how to create using digital tools.  

My students absolutely loved this assignment and worked very hard to create flyers that would teach others about the structures that they had chosen.  Here is an example of one of the student's flyers about The Gherkin.  I love that he was able to share so much information instantly with his audience. I especially like that he was able to add his voice to the flyer to make his learning more personal and meaningful.

I was so impressed with their final products.  They created beautiful flyers that represented the structures that they were studying.

Next time you ask your students to create posters in your classroom, consider using Smore. A free account allows you to create up to 5 flyers.   Educators can purchase Smore annually for $59.00. With this purchase, you are given the opportunity to create an unlimited amount of flyers, receive reports for your newsletters, and gain access to education-themed backgrounds. You can read more about Smore Flyers for Teachers HERE.

I am so glad that we used this tool and look forward to using it more in the future.


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